The Flower Company, San Clemente

What exactly is flower food?
Truth be told, it's not actually food. Cut flowers don't really require anything more than fresh clean water, and the substance known as "flower food" makes sure that's what they get. It's a mild antibacterial agent, and should help keep your water fresh and clear.
Don't panic. As long as you start with clean water, remove any foliage that rests below the water line, and change the water every few days, your flowers should be fine. If you're truly concerned, you can always add a single drop of bleach to the water. Don't rely on tricks like putting 7Up in the water or leaving a penny in the vase; if these have any effect at all, it's a negative one.
You will probably be pleasantly surprised by the vase life of all of our flowers, but a few do stand out. All varieties of Lilies are extremely long lasting, and some types of Calla Lilies, particularly the tall white and green varieties, share that trait. Cut Orchids also have an exceptionally long vase life, and of course you can't beat our potted Orchids, many of which can be re-bloomed.
Proper flower care is relatively simple, but can make a huge difference in extending the life of your flowers. Just make sure to change the water regularly, and keep the flowers in a cool (65-72 degrees Fahrenheit) location. If you're willing to make an extra effort, you can try misting the flowers gently; this won't make as dramatic a difference, but may help keep your flowers hydrated.
On average, your flowers should open in 2-3 days, but this does vary with the type of flower you've received. Some flowers will begin opening almost immediately, while others, such as lilies, may take up to a week.
Sunflowers are unusual among cut flowers in that they actually should be in a bit of sun. Even after they are cut, Sunflower heads will track the sun across the sky, absorbing light and heat. So if your Sunflowers are drooping, it may be because they're not getting enough sunlight. Put them in a sunny window and they should be fine!